1 litre TecTRACER Forensic sheep marker - Various colours available - Look for the options.

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TecTRACERTM Forensic Sheep Marker is the new revolutionary livestock marker, that has been developed and tested on fell sheep on the North Yorkshire Moors, surviving the long wet and cold winter weather. The Sheep Marker is a very resilient sheep paint, that is 100% scourable and the forensic codes provide irrefutable evidence of ownership. Where ear tags can be removed, TecTRACERTM stays within the fleece!  

TecTRACERTM Forensic Sheep Marker is used instead of your existing raddle or keel paint, and is part and parcel of the usual practice of putting marks on sheep as a means of identifying them. Therefore, using the system does not involve additional work, and once you subtract the cost of your normal sheep marker, TecTRACERTM Forensic Sheep Marker is very cost effective. 

Where TecTRACERTM  Forensic Sheep Marker is in use, it is reducing 10% annual losses to ZERO. We have had reports of marked sheep being returned to their home farms, such is the strength of the deterrent against the theft of sheep. 

Key Features:

  • Deterrent against theft of sheep
  • Unique e.alert system
  • Traces Livestock
  • Provides irrefutable evidence of ownership
  • Helps to Catch & Convict
  • Keeps Livestock Safe
  • Supported by the Police through Operation Bo Peep!
Full instructions are provided with every purchase. Simple method of applying to the marker to the fleece and an easy process for registering the unique codes on our secure database. 

Each 1 litre tub of TecTRACERTM  Forensic Sheep Marker contains thousands of single coded microdots, which when registered on the TecTRACER secure database identify the codes to individual owners. The microdots are small and virtually impossible to remove, yet are simple to read using inexpensive optical equipment. 

Be sure to specify which colour marker you require.

This product requires database registration to activate and to make the most of the unique forensic codes. 

Sizes are approximate and the contents may have settled during transit.

Bulk discounts are available, please ask. Call the office on 0330 2233014 or email sales@tectracer.com
Product Code TTSMO
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